Why Natural Remedies ?

That might sound a rather silly title, as it is blatantly obvious to most that there are benefits from using natural remedies as opposed to chemical ones, but that is not quite what I meant - but more on that later...
This last weekend, out of the blue, I got an urgent message on facebook, asking for help, from a caring pet owner whose 6mth puppy, Diva, had got Parvo.
This owner was desperate for help as they were stuck.
The Parvo virus had unknowingly been brought into their home and 4 of their 7 dogs had got it 2 months earlier, only to be rushed in to the vets for help, and die.
This had given them a tidy vets bill as you can imagine,and this they were in the midst of paying off when this 5th dog, Diva, became ill.
Because they had not finished paying off their bill, their vet refused to help them, so they turned to the RSPCA, because they're there to help animals, right ?
Wrong ! They would not help because they 'will only help animals who are in danger'.
So they turned to the PDSA, because they would surely help wouldn't they ?
The PDSA will happily help you, if you are in receipt of Housing Benefits, but if you work hard and do your best to not need benefits, even if this means you have less spare money than others who get the benefit, they will not help...
Other vets refused to help once the situation was explained, because money was outstanding at another veterinary centre [ even though the owner could've very easily not been honest and disclosed that]...
So this person was searching online and came across my details.
Now, I am not a vet, and I have absolutely no experience of Parvo, but knew how frantic this person must be, and knew there were people within my circle of friends who had dealt with Parvo outbreaks naturally, so put out a plea on my facebook status for help.
My friends didnot let me down.
Many of us spent most of our weekend either at our computers or on the phone, or ordering necessary goods or looking out and getting ready items to be collected to help this owner.
Even those of us without experience in helping parvo-stricken pets overcome this man made illness were there to keep spirits high, show care and concern, and just be there, someone was there, all the time, even throughout the night.
Little Diva lost her fight unfortunately, it would appear the virus was too far gone, and she was too weak by the time we gave our help, and even then the vets would not help in collecting and storing the body until the weekend was over.
This was a young couple, with 2 young children, and 2other dogs in the house. They had gone through and stripped out all the carpets and were scrubbing everywhere to eradicate this highly contagious virus from their environment in the midst of their grieving the loss of a loved one, for the sake of their other, as yet unaffected dogs, and the one and only person most people go to for everything to do with their pets and trust to have their pets best interests at heart, refused to help.
Sometimes you will not be in a situation where you can visit a vet.
Sometimes you will not be able to enlist help from your vet.
Sometimes your vet will turn to you and say, 'I'm sorry,there's nothing else I can do'
Luckily a very kind gentleman from a nearby crematorium was kind enough to help and came and picked up little Diva's body.
I have a very clear idea now, through the experience of others, how to treat Parvo - not that I am advocating that - but 'if' I am ever in a situation where I am unable to enlist outside help, I know what products I need to have in the cupboard, products which are good for a variety of health issues, some of them everyday products; and I know the basic protocols to follow and what to look out for, expect, and insist on.
I know 'why' these things are necessary, and how they affect and help the body.
I can only begin to imagine how hard it must have been for Diva's owners this weekend.
I have had young children, and they donot enjoy not being able to have your time and attention, they certainly donot being stuck in one place when you have to do other things.
I can only begin to imagine the emotional trauma from feeling abandoned in your hour of need, feeling you have no-one and don't know what to do, to feel so helpless with a loved one suffering so much.
I have compiled a very basic list of items to have in your cupboard, from all the help that was given by experienced owners who had nursed their own puppies through this illness - if you can have these items to hand,the quicker the use of these things can be started, the higher the chances your puppy will come through it and survive :
*Colloidal Silver,
*Live probiotic yoghurt [like Yeo Valley],
*Homeopathic China 200C
*Homeopathic Arsenicum Album 200c
*Liquid Bentonite clay
*cheap bleach for getting rid of it in your environment -if you have these
things you can work v quickly and not waste time.
To help your pup have good strong immune system so
they can fight this also, feed a raw diet and donot use commercial products for
fleas or worms, and donot vaccinate more frequently than puppy course, 12 mth
booster, then every 3yrs until the age of 7, then no more as recommended by
*It is known in this country that vaccines should not be given more frequently than every 3yrs, and not at all after 7yrs of age, but unfortunately not enforced so it is crucial YOU know this.
*It is a known fact amongst natural rearing owners and breeders, that most times when Parvo is 'in the area', it is naturally reared dogs who don't catch it, or have barely more symptoms than a sniffles - so diet really does play a crucial part in this, and not using chemical substances for pest control etc. that lower and stress the immune system.

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