A favourite treat of many canines. Not only is it a good source of protein, but it also contains heart healthy fats, vitamin B, niacin and vitamin E with No Added Sugar or Salt!
Stuff Peamutt Butter into dog toys to keep your dog busy for hours.

Ingredients Roasted Peanuts (97.5%) Sustainable Palm Oil.Allergen Advice: Contains peanuts. May contain traces of other nuts.
Weight: 340g
Nutrition Information 24.9% Protein, 2.5% Crude Fibres, 54.4% Fats & Oils, 2.3% Inorganic Matter

Meatlove Training Sausage

MEAT & TREAT is a sole feed that has been specifically developed as a healthy and species appropriate dog snack. 
The best lean meat, heart and a little fat are the ingredients for our new training sausages, making them quite high value.
The sausages have a firm consistency and can be easily and cleanly portioned in many small pieces for training or stuffing into a toy. 

They can also be frozen to make them even more long lasting.

These are available in:-
Horse 80g/200g
Buffalo 80g/200g
Poultry 80g/200g
and NEW Meatlove Fuel flavours include...
More Brain - Rabbit & Duck
More Power - Turkey
Long Life - Venison
Happy Relax - Goat
Tick Defence - Camel
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JR Pate
Complete Pure Paté Dog Food is naturally healthy and totally irresistible. Made from 100% fresh Meat (no offal), this delicious food is a single source of protein and is free from gluten and grain, the food contains all the vitamins and minerals needed to make this a complete food for Dogs. 
Pure Paté is also Great for filling Kongs to keep your dog entertained for hours or as a healthy food topper. Because of the pure like texture it is also great for use a training treat as it is easy cut into small cubes.

These are available in:-
Lamb, Beef, Turkey, Chicken and Salmon
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Pork Liver Paste

High levels of pork and pork liver make this the perfect reward or training aid for adult cats and dogs, or to fill a kong to keep your dog busy.
It is also a great way of giving medication, either mixed in with a crushed tablet or with liquid medication on a dish.

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Other treats that would be suitable for stuffing a toy*...

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Lamb Lung Cubes
Treats 2 Sit 4
JR Training Treats
Salmon & Trout Tiddlers
Poultry Bites
Lamb Grillers
 Beef Grillers
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Chicken & Pumpkin Bites
Rabbit & Apple Bites
Deer Meat Bites
Wild Boar Meat Bites
Pheasant Bites
Venison & Glucosamine Bites
Chicken Sausages
salmon Sausages
JR Meat Sticks
Mackerel & Herring Bakes
White Fish & Turmeric Crunchies
White Fish & Green Lipped Mussels Crunchies
Red & White Fish & Chamomile Crunchies
Red Fish & Glucosamine Crunchies
and many more items...

*Please remember to check the size of the hole for your toy and not all items have the same size hole so not all treats will be suitable for all toys.


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