Training Treats
High Value & Small Treats especially suitable for use in training.

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 Favourites Mix:         NEW!
 Fish Tiddlers/Poultry Tiddlers/Fish-skin Cubes/Rabbit Meat Bites/Lamb Lung Cubes/Venison & Glucosamine Bites/Chicken & Fruit Bites/Rabbit & Apple Bites
 £3.85/approx 95-170g
 Air Dried Chicken Liver  
 - High Value Training Treat
 £1.26/25g testers
 Air-dried Ox Liver 
 - High Value Training Treat
 £1.26/25g testers  
  Atomic Liver & Garlic Drops
 - High Value Training Treat
 £1.26/25g testers 
 Air-dried Beef Heart 
 - High Value Training Treat
 £1.26/25g testers 
 Hypno-Teasers (Ch Liver & Aniseed)
 - High Value Training Treat
 £1.26/25g testers 
 Hickory Smoked Ch Breast
 - High Value Training Treat
 £1.26/25g testers
 JR 100% Meat Training Treats
 - Available in Chicken, Duck, Beef, Lamb, Goat, Salmon, Rabbit, Venison or Kangaroo
 Beef Crunch with Bone


 Poultry Bites  

 Fish Tiddlers

 Venison & Glucosamine Bites

 Pheasant Bites  *NEW*

 Introductory £3.49/60g
 Normally £3.89/60g
 Jr 100% Meat Sticks
 - Available in Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Beef, Lamb, Goat, Rabbit, Venison, Kangaroo, Ostrich or Salmon
 Venison Meat Strips - Limited Availability

 - Horse, Poultry or Buffalo
 JR Pate - Limited Availability
 - Chicken, or Turkey
 £1.49/ 80g
 Artisan Bakes        
             - Salmon & Sardine Long Term O/S 
             - Puppy & Young Dog Chicken & 
             - Duck
             - Turkey
             - Chicken
Long Term o/s Items will be marked as such, if anything else ordered is out of stock you will be notified in your invoice
All weights are approximate within +/-2.5%

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