Dogs love toys, and we have a massive range of different types of toys for all dogs. Chewy, Balls or Cuddles as well as many other types. These are our main sellers. To see the full range visit our shop.

Boomer Balls

Boomer Balls are the Ultimate Tough Toy
They are virtually indestructible & ideal for those ball-obsessed, toy destroyers.
Boomer Ball is not intended for your dog to carry. The size selected should be larger than your dog's maximum jaw gape.
  4 inch
  6 inch
  8 inch  O/S
  10 inch

Tough Buddy Classic
Durable dog toys with super strong reinforced stitching

 2398 Leather Ball on Rope
 2399  Leather Bone Tug
 2400 Leather Ring
 2402 Jute Horse Shoe Throw
 2404 Jute Crinkle (contains plastic bottle)
 2405 Jute 'Peace' Throw

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