Pure Vet Products: Super Seaweed Therapy Range
Formulated by a Qualified Canine Nutritionist and Marine Biologist

Top quality products means less is needed than with other branded seaweed supplements, meaning more pets will happily still eat their food once the supplement is added, and a smaller amount lasts longer, making it very comparable in price, but far superior in quality.

Organic Irish Kelp: Great Super high Antioxidants and Vitamin/Mineral boost for top health benefits in everyday life.
Canident: Specific strains of brown seaweeds which are Super high in Antioxidants which specifically target inflammation and are micro-bial.
Occulus Prime: Specific strains and Super high Antioxidants which target weeping eyes and tear stain issues.
Bio-Function 8: Top Specific strains and Super high Antioxidants that aid good gut/digestive health.
AC-4: The super strains and Super high Antioxidants that give the body what it needs to aid in preventing and fighting Cancer
StoolRite contains a unique combination of soluble and insoluble dietary fibres that will help stool quality in dogs. It can be used as both a stool former and stool softener, depending on the need. In this way, it can help with anal gland issues in dogs. Furthermore, natural complex carbohydrates and dietary saccharides in StoolRite may act as a natural prebiotic to restore microbiota balance and boosting gut health in dogs.
  • Ease Constipation
  • Shore up soft stools
  • Ease anal gland issues
  • Boost gut health and nutrient absorption
  • Increase energy levels
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