Stess & Anxiety

We have a mixture of items available to help your pets with problems with stress or anxiety

      O/S indicates items as Out Of Stock
 Homeopet TFLN - Thunder/Fireworks/Loud Noise   
 Min 450 drops
 Homeopet Travel Anxiety
 Min 450 drops
 'Travel' Phytopets Veterinary Herbal Tonic

 Scullcap & Valerian

 £11.20/100 tabs
 £19.60/200 tabs
 Calm from Higher Nature
Blend of Theanine, Tryptophan and Magnesium to support pets in anxious and stressful situations.  Sprinkle or mix with food.
 Woof & Brew Healthy Herbal Tonic or Tea for Dogs - Anxiety
 -Provides naturally calming & settling qualities everyday &  
 before stressful times such as fireworks or car journeys. 
 Supports both the mental & physical well-being of dogs
 Tonic 330ml - £6.99
 Tea 10.5g - £3.99
 Tea 42g - £9.99
 Phytopets 'Focus'
 Herbal tincture remedy to Focus & Calm
 Organic Valerian Compound 100ml 
 Acts quickly to calm & relax dogs & cats in stressful situations & to reduce hyperactivity & anxiety
 HOWND 'Calm' Hemp Treats
 with Chamomile


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