RuRUFF'N'TUMBLE DRY COATS & MITTSying We now stock these Great Dry Coats and Long-ArmMitts

The Coats: These luxurious coats are double towelling and faux leather edged, with an adjustable wide 'belly-flap' and high neck to cover as much as possible, with our boy pictured, you can see how the coat covers all but the tail and legs, and these are easily and quickly dealt with by the mitts, meaning there is barely any wetness in the car, and being a snug comfy coat it has the same comforting effect as anxiety wraps.

Coat Colours, Sizes, Prices:

Burgundy, Navy, Green
Med £41.99
Med/Lge £41.99
Lge £46.99
XL £46.99
GSD £51.99

The Mitts: These are great, easy to slip on quickly, covering most if not all of the lower arm, suitable for use on all pets, from tiny right up to horses etc. Great range of lovely plush colours too.
Mitts Colours:
Red, Navy, Green, Heather, Blue, Burgundy
£18 a pair

Sizing: This is determined from the 'topline' measurement, which is from base of neck, to base of tail, though weight is the more important measurement.
Med: 17-20"/44.51cm  (approx weight 11-16kg)
Med/Lge: 20-23"/51-59cm  (approx weight 16-23kg)
Lge: 23-26"/59-66cm  (approx weight 23-29kg)
XL: 25-28"/64-71cm  (approx weight 29-40kg)
GSD: 28-32"/71-81cm  (approx weight 30-50kg)


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