Out & On The Go
We have listed below the items you will find handy to use whilst out
O/S on items indicates currently out of stock

 On & The Go Health & Safety:-

 Blink & Safe Light
 - High visibility - Visibility up to 800m
 Roglite Small Clip On Safety Light 
 Water Resistant / High Visibility
 Available in Glow/Pink/Orange/Red or Blue
 Hi Vis Soft Blinker  
 - High visability up to 500m
 - Available in Green/Orange or Pink
 Flashing Band   
 - High Visibility up to 500m
 - One Size Fits all - Available in Orange/Yellow/Blue
 Hi Vis Warning Bandana 
 Alerts others that your dog needs some space
 S/M - £4.59
 M/L - £5.67
 Metal Collar I.D. Tube

 Blood-Stop Swabs (24)

 Yup You Stink! Emergecy Wipes

 £2.95/Pack 5 Jumbo Wipes

 Poop Bags:-
 Beco Eco Friendly Poop Bags 15pk  

 85p each
 Beco Eco Friendly Poop Bags 60pk
 £2.99 each/offer buy 2
 get 1 free!
 Beco Bamboo Pod Bag Dispenser  *NEW*

 £3.21 each
 Beco Bamboo Pocket Bag Dispenser  *NEW*
 - available in Green, Blue & Natural
 £6.42 each
 Poop-bag Holder & Torch

 Biodegradable Poop Bag 60pk Torch Refill  



 Good Boy Dog Whistle

 Clix Silent Whistle   
 - Free Training Guide
 Clix Multi Purpose Whistle 
 - Free Training Guide
 Clix Whizzclick - Whistle & Clicker


 Clix Multi Clicker  

 Clix Treat Bags
 - Light/Dark Combat, Purple or Red
 Coachies Black Treat Bag

 Coachies Pink Treat Bag   



 Beco Spork
 Made from rice husk & bamboo meaning they have been sustainably made & are degradable. Dishwasher safe
Available in Pink/Blue/Green/Natural & Brown
 Handy Travel Bottle 750ml   

 Non Spill Travel Water Bowl   
 Available in Black or Blue
 Travel Beco Bowls
 Made from rice husk & bamboo meaning they have    been sustainably made & are degradable.
 Dishwasher safe.
 Available in Pink/Blue/Green/Natural & Brown
 Medium - £6.55 (Pink only)
 Large - £9.85
 (Pink only)
 Beco Cover - Eco Friendly Can Cover w/ pull tab 
Fits most cans & is easy to clean. Made from food grade silicone, this cover is durable & importantly non-toxic

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