NEW! Nutrition Consultations

Our Consultant (Phil Arnold) has recently finished a National Diploma in Canine Nutrition and is ready to take on clients!

With 2+ years study, 10+ years Raw Feeding experience and plenty of literature and programs to support his work, anything he doesn't already know about he will spend the time to research and assist you.

For a referral from a Vet following Allergy testing with no elimination diet, just formulating a diet (including treats and supplements) without Allergens - £10 - unless a pre-existing customer, in which case, FREE.

For a Vet referral following Allergy testing requiring a full elimination diet with ongoing support to ensure the diets completeness with supplement support to manage any ongoing treatements. - £10/hour consult fee + £20 fee for time spent outside of a Consult.

For a diet formulation to address specific issues (Lawn Burn, Weight Loss, Fussy eaters that require supplementation to maintain a complete diet, Copraphagie due to deficiencies, Urine Burns etc.) - £10/Hour

For diet adjustments due to Skin/Coat/Digestive issues - £10/Hour

For a consultaion regarding the safe use and dosing regime for CBD to mitigate or use as an adjunct with other therapies - £10/Hour

For a Complete diet formulation from scratch, including supplements, Allergies and cost restrictions - £10/Hour Consult Fee, £20 Fee for time spent outside of a Consult formulating the Diet with a £5 fee if any major adjustments outside of the initial consult are requested.

For further information or to book a consultation please contact him on:

E-Mail: Nutrition-NHD@hotmail.com

Phone: 07830625425

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