Naturally Antibacterial Products
Brands stocked:
Rivers of Health (R.o.H)
                                                          Natures Greatest Secret (N.G.S)
 N.G.S 10PPM Colloidal Silver - 100ml Spray 
                                            - 250ml Bottle
                                            - 500ml Bottle
 N.G.S 20PPM Colloidal Silver Dropper 30ml
 N.G.S Silver Antimicrobial Ear Drops 30ml
 Citricidal - Grapefruit Seed Extract
- Natural Cleanser, Digestive Support esp when travelling, Skin Cleanser etc
 £8.28/25ml (Concentrate)
 £12.60/45ml (Concentrate)
 £19.15/100ml (Concentrate)

Additional *NEW* N.G.S Colloidal Silver Products *available to order:-
* Please allow 2 weeks notice if ordering one of these products
 20PPM Colloidal Silver Powerspray 250ml
 £17.95  1 in stock
 Silver Antifungal Gel 100ml
 Silver Antifungal Cream 100ml
 Silver Antibacterial Shampoo 250ml
 FL Aloe Vera Topical Gelly  *15% off RRP*
 FL Aloe & Propolis Creme  *15% off RRP*
 FL Bee Propolis  *15% off RRP*
 - Available to order, please allow 2-4 weeks notice
 Aloe Wound Spray O/S


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