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Neem Multi-Capsules
Due to recent information on trials conducted with viral diseases and the discovery that Turmeric with Neem bark has produced promising results, this product has become very sucessful.
Turmeric works as a catalyst with Neem and boosts the effects hence we have now produced the Multi Neem capsule. This capsule contains Neem bark, Neem leaf and Turmeric. These additions have been made due to the fact that Bark has a greater positive effect on Viral and gut problems and the Turmeric is added to boost the overall effect of both leaf and bark.. There has also been recent successful trials using Turmeric as an inhibiter for Alzheimers.
Ingredients: Neem bark approx 45%, Neem leaf approx 45%,Turmeric approx 10%. Capsule container Magnesium Sterate 5.0 Silica 5.0.
Neem capsules must not be taken if suffering from any Auto immune disease as this can cause complications.
In trials Neem boosted the immune system on average 11% and this coupled to the Auto immune problem (over active) can cause problems.
Available in 350 Capsule containers at £22.00


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