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Lamb, Pork, Turkey & Chicken
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 100% Meat - Sticks
                 - Training Treats
 Lamb Lung Cubes

 Lamb Spaghetti - 10cm
                         - 35cm 
 Fresco Lamb Grillers   

 Lamb Strips   

 Lamb Hide Slices

 Braided Lamb Hide 

 Lamb Lung  

 Lamb Trachea

 Lamb Tails

 Fur-on Lambs Ears  

 Lamb Pizzle Twists
 (approx 4 twists, 2 pizzles a twist)

 Pork Liver Paste

 Wild Boar Meat Strips  

 Porky Bites

 Pork Snouts

 Iberian Pigs Ears
 - Low Fat
 £1.05 each

 100% meat - Sticks                

 JR Turkey Pate  

 Fresco Turkey Fillets   

 Artisan Bakes - Turkey          
 w/fruits, veg, herbs & Botanicals

 Meatlove Poultry  

 JR Chicken Pate  

 Air-Dried Chicken Liver

 - Chicken & Aniseed
 Hickory Smoked Chicken Breast  
 £1.26/25g O/S
 Rattle & Reward - Tin
                          - Bag
 £1.00 Tin
 Artisan Bakes - Chicken            
 w/ fruits, veg, herbs, Botanicals
 Artisan Bakes - Chicken & Salmon    
 w/fruit, veg, herbs, Botanicals
 100% Meat - Training Treats
                  - Sticks
 Chicken In Chips 

 Fresco Chicken       
 w/Blueberry & Cranberry 
 Fresco Chicken      
 w/Pumpkin, Sw Potato & Carrot                     
 Fresco Chicken Fillets 

 Chicken Breast

 Air-Dried Chicken Feet


All weights are approximate within +/-2.5%

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