Joint Care

Taking care of your dogs joints is crucial to them living a long, fulfilling life. If you feel like your dog could do with a boost, or simply want to start that care early, then these are all great products that can really benefit them

 Joint Aid For Dogs
 -There are SO many benefits so we have made a product
 page here with more information
 Joint Stress
 -Natural Homeopathic Remedy that promotes temporary
 relief from Soreness, Stiffness, Lameness, Overexertion
 & Muscle Tension
 £11.00/450 drops
 Herbal Tea - Senior Dog
 -Helping support ligaments, joints & musculoskeletal
 systems, this tonic helps to make sure 'there's life in
 the old dog yet!'
 £3.99/7 biodegradable
 tea bags (1 bag makes 1L)
 Old Faithful for an Active Retirement
 -Rejuvenating tonic targeting the Heart, Brain,
 Circulation & Joints to improve the Vitality & Energy of
 Older Dogs. Complex Antioxidants provide further Anti-
 Aging effects. Ideal for older dogs, particularly those
 that are restless at night or showing signs of confusion
 or stiffness
 Forever Freedom - Save 15% off RRP
 -Helps maintain healthy joint function & flexibility.
 Increased absorption due to Aloe Vera carrier. Idea for
 active & more mature to maintain healthy joint
 RRP £29.54
 Our Price £25.10
 There are SO many benefits so we have made a page
 here with more information
 Find us on the Beneficial
 Oils page here
 MSM Gel - Save 15% off RRP
 - Soothes Joints, Muscles & Strains.
 RRP £19.52
 Our Price £16.58

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