Homeopathic Remedy Cupboard

We often have people asking what are the best, most needed remedies that it would be a good idea to always have in the cupboard, close to hand - here is a list which is based on a chart which was originally done by Patricia Bryan, and has been tweaked to include extras I've found I've used regularly over the last few yrs.
In 'most' cases, I always use a 200c for dogs, as their energy is different to ours, but some remedies like Ledum you'd never need more than a 30c, but emergency remedies, like Aconite&Arnica I always also have in a 1M aswell as 200c [UK]
ACONITE -  anything 'sudden-onset' - injury - illness - pain - shock - fear - fright - faint
ACONITE & ARNICA 1M - 'must have' for any time there is shock
APIS MEL -  insect bite - sting - skin red hot swollen shiny - cysts between toes
ARNICA - after surgery - dentist - injury - extra stamina and sleep
ARSEN ALB -  Stomach upset - sickness - diarrhoea - restlessness - dry dandruff
BELLADONNA -  Hot throbbing ear - skin - boils - hyperactive - aggresiveness
BRYONIA -  Kennel cough - arthritis - when "worse for moving", better resting
CALC FLUOR -  To help take up undercarriage after birth of puppies
CALC PHOS -  Give with MAG PHOS for pregnant bitches and puppies - cramp
CANTHARIS -  Cystitis- burns - scalds - before blisters form - sunburn
CARBO VEG -  Collapse- faint - heart attack - stroke - indigestion - wind
COCCULUS -  For travel sickness (There are others if this does not match)
EUPHRASIA -  For eye infection - inflamed red watery - clean out foreign body
GELSEMIUM -  Ring shy tremors - for dog who becomes anxious/restless/nervy/hyper when around a bitch in season
GRAPHITES -  Skin cracked and oozing honey like substance
GUNPOWDER- Definate must-have for possible infection
HAMAMELIS -  Ear haematoma - use along side ARNICA - inflamed veins
HEPAR SULPH -  for any 'infection' - the homoeopathic antibiotic to heal out
HYPERICUM -  For nerve pain - spinal pain - insect bites - crushed fingers and toes
IGNATIA -  Effect of grief - pining - anger - hysteria - shock - sad - quiet
LEDUM  - Anti-tetanus for dirty wounds - punctured - rheumatism lower limbs
LYCOPODIUM -  Craves sweet food - poor appetite - flatulence - fear - liver tonic
MERC CORR -  For anything chronic - skin - sickness - diarrhoea - kidney disease
NAT MUR - Runny nose -grief - chronic - skin problems - kidney disease
NUX VOM - Indigestion - liverish - irritable - feel the cold a lot
PULSATILLA - Phantom pregnancy - season irregular - problems with prostate
PYROGEN- Very good against infection if v. v. serious
RHUS TOX - Arthritis when 'better for moving about' - skin and eye irritation
SEPIA - Similar to PULSATILLA but with a stronger personality - skin - lower limbs
SILICEA - Boils - abscess - cysts - chronic infection -removes foreign bodies
SULPHUR - Burning itching skin - piles - headaches
STAPHYSAGRIA - After operation and cuts - resentment - skin- bad below knees
THUJA - Before and after anaesthetics and vaccinations -warts - polyps

T.S.Co12- This is a 'must-have' also, which should be given with every dose of a remedy and makes a HUGE difference to how the body is able to utilise and gain as much as possible from the individual remedies.

 There are also remedies for VACCINATION called a NOSODE for Parvovirus - Hepatitis - Distemper - hardpad - Leptospirosis - Kennel Cough.
There is also a NOSODE for rabies called HYDRPHOBINUM.
Plus Rescue/Revival Remedy and all the other 38 Bach Flower Remedies - very effective.
Homoeopathic remedies can be as a Tincture, Pillules, Cream or Dusting Powder.
Homeopathic remedies are energy medicene, and as such the jar should be briskly tapped twice on the hand each time before use.
Keep remedies away from heat - batteries - electricity -sunlight - microwave ovens - damp - plastic containers also garlic -peppermints - camphor - perfume - tobacco.
Touch as little as possible.

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