Why Natural Healthcare ?
Unfortunately, many preparations used that are 'Allopathic' and bought from shops or vets, contain chemicals and toxins which can be harmful to our pets at worst, and at least, leave residue toxins in their bodies which either stress their liver,  or get stored somewhere in the body, and added to over time because their Liver cannot deal with them at all. As these toxins build up over time, it is like a ticking bomb just waiting for a big immune system dip, caused by a shock or bereavement or somesuch, and then they come into play and play havoc with your poor dogs health.Unfortunately for some dogs, they can also be fatally affected by these preparations immediately or very soon after treatment.

Natural options are often very effective and offer less risk.
Natural options I use and can recommend  are well known, well documented and effective.
Natural options also work 'with' the way the dog's body is designed to naturally work, unlike allopathic preparations which often tend to suppress symptoms without dealing with core issues, and bombard the dogs natural system, compromising and stressing their immune system and health.
Please watch this excellent video on one of the natural healthcare choices we use for our family and animals:
Homeopathy - Just Good Medicine :
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Homeopathy: Just Good Medicine
Homeopathy Just Good Medicine: a brief and powerful introduction to homeopathy and the research supporting it.links http://www.nationalcenterforhomeopathy.orghttp://www.nationalcenterforhomeopathy...
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