NHDNaturallyHealthyDogs - Fishy Treats !

Fishy Treats!

O/S items are currently out of stock

 Rattle & Reward - Cat Tin
                       - Cat Bag with Tin
 Rattle & Reward - Trout/Salmon & Kelp

 Salmon & Trout Tiddlers

 Artisan Bakes - Salmon & Sardine
 w/ fruit, veg, herbs, botanicals  O/S
 White Fish Cookies
 90% White Fish, 10% Potato
 Salmon Cookies
 90% Salmon, 10% Potato
 Salmon Cookie Crunch 

 Cod Fish Sticks  
 100% Salmon - Sticks      
                     - Training Treats
 Fish-skin Cubes

 Little Gems

 Small Fish-Skin Flatties- Medium
                                    - Large
 Fish Skin Twirls - Wolf-Fish
                         - Cat-Fish
 Fish Skin Wolf-fish Throw Sticks
 - approx 10cm, v thick
 £1.75 each
 Salmon Skins   

 Dried Small Sprats 

 £5.95/200g  *Limited Offer!*
 Dried Smelt  

All weights are approximate within +/-2.5%*

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