First Aid Essentials
We recommend these products as invaluable tools for your pets healthcare!
We also have a matching section on our Non-Food Page which has all the non-food products we class as First Aid Essentials

          O/S indicates items as Out Of Stock
          Discontinued items will no longer be stocked after current stock has sold

 Aloe Vera Wound Spray 250ml   O/S
 Soothing & Healing wound spray
 N.G.S 10PPM Colloidal Silver - 100ml Spray bottle  *NEW*
                                        - 250ml Bottle
                                        - 500ml Bottle
 N.G.S 20PPM Colloidal Silver Dropper  *NEW*
 N.G.S Silver Antimicrobial Ear Drops  *NEW*
 Herbal Skin Balm - Minor Wounds & Skin Irritations 150g
 Used topically for Anti Bacterial/Anti Fungal, Minor Wounds, Grazes & Skin Irritations
 Aloe Lips with Jojoba 4.25g
 Great for soothing skin & using on cuts out & about
 Neem Stick 4.2g
 Great for soothing skin & using on cuts out & about
 Garlic & Fenugreek
 Herbal medicine for the symptoatic relief of minor infections, skin conditions, arthritis & coughs
 100 tabs - £9.30
 200 tabs - £16.20
 Trimmex 30g
 Stops bleeding from nails & claws, coagulates minor cuts & fast acting
 Arnica Cream - Sprains & Bruising 150g  O/S
 Used topically for Bruises, Sprains, Aches & Pains after exercise

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