Exotic Treats
Low Fat, Novel Proteins

 Meatlove Horse  
 100% Horse Bites   *NEW*


100% Meat - Sticks
                - Training Treats
 Meatlove Slimfit Kangaroo
 Wet food for stuffing toys
 Meatlove Fuel Tick Defence

 Meatlove Hair & Skin, Camel
 Wet Food for stuffing toys

 100% Meat - Sticks  

 Ostrich Crisps  

 Braided Ostrich Tendon 
 Dental Hygiene, approx 17cm
 £2.35 each
 Ostrich Kebab 
 4 Meat chunks on tendon, approx 10cm
 £3.99 each
 Ostrich Bone 
 Massive Low Fat, Hypo-Allergenic,
 Non-Splintering Bone that Floats!

Long term o/s items will be listed, if anything else ordered is out of stock it will be listed on your invoice

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