These are an Ethical Dehydrated Range of Dog Treats supplied by The Dogs Butcher, we can supply her whole range of dried treats. 
These are available upon request, these are not stocked in our shop.
We can courier them for an additional cost or if you give us at least 2 weeks notice we can include them in our stock order 
 Lamb Tripe (100g) 
 Duck Tongues (20)
 Lamb Scalp (100g)  
 Ox Liver (100g) 
 Lambs Ears (10)
 Ox Lung (100g)
 Lamb Spleen (100g)
 Ox Trachea (4)
 Lamb Tongues (8)
 Pigs Ears (4) 
 Lamb Trachea (6)
 Pigs Heart (100g)

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