Eyes, Ears & Paw Care +

 Serendipity Herbal Ear Drops 
 (tincture & oils of various herbs for excessive wax & irritation) : £9.00/50ml

PhytoPets Herbal Ear Drops NEW
(soothing blend of oils & tinctures to help repel mites, other parasites and help with excessive ear wax): £5.78/30ml

Colloidal Silver Plus Essential Oils Ear Drops  NEW
(for bacterial and fungal ear conditions): £13.95/30ml

 YuMove Silver Ion Infused Eye & Ear Cloth : £6.75

 Occulus Prime
 (Stop Weeping Eyes & Tear Staining) : £21.43/150g
 YuMove Silver Ion Infused Eye & Ear Cloth : £6.75
 Bright Eyes: £11.00/100ml

 Quercetin & Bromelain
 (Natural Antihistamine) : £19.27/60 caps

 Organic Neem Paw Balm: £7.50/60ml
 Oatmeal Paw Butter: £7.99/59.1ml


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