Duck, Venison, Rabbit & Pheasant Treats
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 100% Meat - Sticks
                  - Training Treats
 Artisan Bakes - Duck    
 w/fruit, veg, herbs, botanicals
 Duck Fillets  

 Dried Duck Feet   

 Puffed Duck Feet  *NEW*


 Veni-Dog Venison & Glucosamine Bites

 100% Meat - Sticks
                 - Training Treats
 Veni-Dog Venison Chew Sticks

 Venison Bites  

 Deer Meat    *NEW*

 Deer Hide Roll   *NEW*
 - roughly 10cm
 £2.10 each
 Venison Rolled Hide Sticks Long Term O/S  

 Venison Strips - Limited Availability   

 Deer Ears    *NEW*

 Dried Venison Ears 

 £1.18 each
 Venison Ears With Fur   Long Term O/S

 £1.18 each
 Deer Ears - Lge  Long Term O/S

 £2.59 each

 Rabbit, Apple & Kale Treats    

 100% Meat - Sticks
                 - Training Treats
 Rabbit Meat Bites 

 Rabbit Meat Strips - Limited Availability

 Puffed Rabbit Ears 

 Dried Rabbit Ears 

 Fur-on Dried Rabbit Ears 


 Pheasant Bites
 Introductory £3.49/60g
 Normal Price £3.89/60g
 Pheasant Jerky
 Introductory £2.69/40g
 Normal Price £2.95/40g
 Pheasant Chew Sticks
 Introductory £3.49/6pk
 Normal Price £3.89/6pk
Long term o/s items will be listed, if anything else ordered is out of stock it will be listed in your invoice
All weights are approximate within +/-2.5%
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