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J.Arnold, www.naturallyhealthydogs.co.uk
A HUGE benefit of feeding your dog a natural diet, is that mother nature designed everything so well and when you feed a naturally appropriate diet tailored to the anatomical needs of your dog, you don't ever need to take them to the vet for teeth cleaning !
That means no nasty anaesthetic in their system, no antibiotics being sent home with you for them, no trauma to their system or upset at being left, and very importantly, no fees !
I love this video below, done by Nikki Brown [Canine Angel] and Abbie Withers :
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Real Dental Sticks For Dogs Raw Meaty Bones!
Teeth cleaning with a natural diet.
 This is our 6yr old boy Tye's lovely clean teeth, he's never ever had his teeth cleaned by anyone, and was weaned straight onto raw by his fantastic breeders, Alison & Tony Hunt:

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