Cool Coats & Cool Mats

 As temperatures rise in the summer, our four legged friends can really feel the heat!
 Keeping them cool is essential for their well being, so we have invested in some great items to help them stay cool!

Cool Mats
 These are available in two sizes:

 Small 30x40cm - £9.95 O/S
 Large 60x90cm - £32.35

 We ourselves have tried and tested these products and can confirm they are very effective

                  Cool Coat

These are available in 5 sizes:

Extra Small 25cm - £11.95
Small 30cm - £14.95
Medium 40x70cm - £15.95
Large 50x80cm - £18.95  O/S
Extra Large 70x100cm - £19.95  O/S

 We ourselves have one of these we use in our shop to keep our Max cool, they are effective

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