Although we recommend, first and foremost, a raw natural diet for all dogs, we appreciate this is not always possible, and there are times
when owners will need an alternative for their dogs, so we also stock  alternatives:


We have the Natures Menu Country Hunter tins in stock for a few reasons; the food is better than any we’ve come across yet, being 80% meat and not including grains/rice/lots of root veg in the ingredients, less likely to cause dirty teeth issues or weight gain and tins are much hardier where plastic trays can split and break.
“Our premium Country Hunter canned meals for dogs are filled with top quality raw ingredients, sealed and then gently cooked to lock in goodness.
A complete and nutritionally balanced meal packed with ethically sourced, human grade meats, scrumptious fruit and veg plus essential vitamins and minerals.
Grain and gluten free. Contains no nasty meat meals or derivatives, artificial colours or flavourings.
A great alternative to raw feeding when travelling or staying away.
We only use quality, human grade meats in our natural pet foods, and absolutely no meat meals or meat derivatives. All of our Country Hunter complete and balanced meals are veterinary approved and made to FEDIAF guidelines."
600g tins, 80% meat
Turkey, Pheasant & Goose, Mackerel & Chicken, Duck, Wild Venison, Wild Boar £2.39 each
or Salmon & Chicken, Rabbit £2.89 each


For over 40 years Forthglade have been making nutritionally balanced and delicious pet food for dogs in the heart of the Devon countryside.

Forthglade products are made with natural ingredients that are locally sourced wherever possible, vacuum sealed and gently cooked to retain all that natural goodness. 75% meat.

Grain-Free Complete: 395g - £1.45 each
Sea Bass with Sweet Potato & Veg
Salmon with Potato and Veg
Lamb with Butternut Squash and Veg
Lamb with Spring Veg & Mint
Duck with Potato and Veg
Turkey with Sweet Potato and Veg
Chicken with Butternut Squash and Veg

Puppy - Turkey with Veg

Gourmet Special Flavours 395g - £1.99 each
Beef & Wild Boar with Root Veg & Apple
Duck & Venison with Green Beans & Apricot
Turkey & Goose with Pumpkin & Cranberries



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