COLLOIDAL SILVER - Wonderful Anti-microbial !

History claims that Colloidal Silver is said to act as an anti-biotic,
antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, with no
known side effects, but of course you’re not advised to drink it
"by the gallon".
You will find claims that Colloidal Silver has helped with some 650
ailments. For myself, I have found if any of my family have a sore
throat, if they gargle with Colloidal Silver before going to bed, 9
times out of 10, when they wake up in the morning the sore throat
will be gone, stopped in it’s tracks before it’s had a chance to get a
stonghold and cause real issues.
 We have also found it is excellent on burns both for anti-bacterial
properties aswell as greatly lessening the chances of scarring. I have
recently been using it to clean and sluice a wound my own dog has
and have found it invaluable.
Colloidal Silver has been found completely non-toxic to humans and
animals at any level tested. American Biotech labs currently holds
more than 190 independent studies from more than 60 different
private, US government, military and also university labs.
In hospitals, Colloidal Silver has been used to prevent the spread of
Legionnaires’ disease in the hospital water supply. It has also been
used in the eyes of newborns to prevent a blinding infection that was
once commonplace. Nevertheless, there is a great deal of resistance to
Colloidal Silver’s place in medicine today.
Anyone who enjoys watching 'Dragon's Den' will no doubt recall a
gentleman by the name of Casey Jones who had what looked very
much like a microwave, which sterilised whatever was put in it
using Silver particles.
The Good Health pages of the Daily Mail on 6th December 2005 "The
silver bandage that can save dying limbs" reported on the successful use
of Aquacel Agwound dressings which have powerful antibacterial
properties to kill infections. Silver's antibacterial properties have been
known for centuries, but it is only recently that it has been used in
wound dressings. 
Details supplied by Diabetes UK.
Elastoplast is  now selling ‘Silver Healing’ hypoallergenic strips "Silver -
clinically proven" - "Kills harmful germs - clinical studies show that
silver, a powerful antibacterial agent, kills harmful germs and reduces
the risk of infection" -"Silver is natural and skin-friendly" - as
recommended by TV Doctor -Dr Chris Steele.
Samsung has launched a washing machine with silver - from their
website "Samsung has found a solution in the safety of silver, ionising
silver into ions for an effective coating that lets your home appliances
remain remarkably free of bacteria and odours. We’re creating a zone
of protection for the health and safety of your family’s future.
It’s here, it’s clear and it’s silver."
  It has been known for some time that silver is highly toxic to a
wide range of bacteria, and silver-based compounds have been used
extensively in bactericidal applications. This property of silver has
caused great interest especially as new resistant strains of bacteria
have become a serious problem in public health.
Daily Mail Good Health pages in the 16th February 2010 edition, silver
thread pyjamas are listed as having antibacterial properties, as tested
by Newham University Hospital.
  Adam Frosh, a throat specialist at the Spire Hospital Harpenden, lists
eight recommended sore throat remedies, which includes Colloidal
Silver Lozenges as having natural antibiotic properties that attack
bacteria, he states "as an antibacterial, silver is very effective".
  In the Review supplement of The Mail on Sunday 28th February 2010
a whole page is dedicated to "Why Silver is precious for your health," as
endorsed by Valerie Edwards Jones, professor of microbiology at
Manchester Metropolitan University.
A list of ailments Colloidal Silver is known to help:
Athlete's Foot
Bladder Infection
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Colds & Flu
Crohn's Disease
Cuts, burns, and abrasions
Ear Infection
Eye Infection ( pink eye)
Fingernail/toenail Fungus
Hepatitis C
Infections Mononucleosis
Jock Itch
Kidney Infection
MRSA -Methicilian Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
Prostate Infection
Ring worm
Sinus Infection (sinusitis)
Staph Infection
Upper Respiratory Infection (URI)
Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
Yeast Infection
Maybe worth a look ?
Certainly deserves a place in your cupboard in my view.

We stock Colloidal Silver from the well established and respected company, Rivers Of Health, a long established, very reputable company who have been around for many years.

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