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Smaller Animals !
All the DAF minces, Premium Dinners, Chunks & Bones are suitable
for Cats, Ferrets, Hedgehogs etc. although obviously choosing
the smaller bones would be
wise, and if feeding minces designed for dogs, you'll just need to add
a small amount of Heart each day also for cats to ensure your Cat is getting enough Taurine, as unlike Dogs, they cannot manufacture their own.

Alaska Natural Catfood meaty preparations are inspired by nature itself, and in particular the forefather of our trusty felid companions: the wild cat.
Alaska Catfood is composed of the best fresh ingredients available: 100 % raw meat with bones and organs which have been minced to 6mm. No cheap fillers like rice are added. Alaska Catfood is frozen immediately after production so that the naturally present vitamins are retained. By varying your cat's diet with Alaska Catfood assortment of meals and other raw meats, you're giving your cat a wide range of nutrients in the correct proportions. No artificial vitamins or minerals are added, since the ingredients we use naturally contain the right balance of vitamins and minerals. There are no vitamin supplements in nature after all.
Alaska Natural Catfood is packaged in a convenient 250gm sausage. 
Recommended amount: ca.35 grams Alaska Natural Catfood per kg body weight per day.

 Combi Box
 Day Old Chick Mince
Your can also feed day old chicks, mice, quails, rabbit pieces, and all of the raw food that we stock for dogs is fine.

Many items in the Whole Prey, Chunks, and Bones sections are also
fully suitable for Cats, Ferrets, Hedgehogs etc.

Natural Treats for Cats & Smaller Animals

 Air-dried Chicken Liver
 Air-dried Gourmet Fish Fillet
There are also many options within our range of dried dog treats which many cats enjoy.

We also stock the Pet Plus For Cats:

"Cats would naturally catch herbivorous animals and eat them fresh, raw and whole. Not only do they need the nutrients in the meat and bone of their prey, but also the thousands of micronutrients and probiotics present in the guts and the whole carcass.
Very few cats eat like that today! Most rely on the food that’s put in their bowls, which lacks these natural micronutrients. This is why we have created Pet Plus for Cats, to supply these much needed micronutrients and help your cats to get the most out of their food."
114g tub: £20.00

We also have the Interative Feeder for Cats by Northmate, 'Catch' :
“One of the most fascinating things about cats is their complex nature – being both domesticated pets and wild nature from nose to tail.
During daytime they’re loving members of our families with scratches behind the ear and sleepy moments at the lap. During night – however – their instincts tell them to go hunting for mice and birds around the neighborhood.
It’s obvious that one of the greatest challenges for any cat owner is to make a home which manages to reflect both sides of this double nature.
Not all cats have free access to outside environments – and even fewer are able to hunt around the neighborhood at night.
Thus, many cats live a great deal of their life indoor without being able to follow their most basic instincts.
In NORTHMATE we believe that this modern dilemma is in fact quite easy to solve: If it’s not possible for the cat to follow its instincts outdoor then this should be made possible indoor.
CATCH by NORTHMATE is an interactive feeder that stimulates your cat’s instincts and turns your living room into an inspiring hunting zone.”



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