Beef,Ox,Buffalo & Goat Treats
All Treats Air-Dried unless stated otherwise

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 Meatlove Fuel Training Sausage
 Happy Relax
 100% Meat - Sticks       
                - Training Treats

 Meatlove Training Sausage   

 Buffalo Plaited Chews 

 £2.99/medium 55g
 £3.99/Lge 90g
 Throttle (10cm)

 £15.63/pack 25
 £1.55 each
 £15.50/pack 10

 Medallion Beef Coins  *NEW*
 - approx 10g each
 Beef Pate   *NEW*

 Air-Dried Beef Heart
 - High Value Training Treat
 Atomic Liver & Garlic Drops
 - High Value Training Treat
 Air-Dried Ox Liver
 - High Value Training Treat
 Beef Crunch with Bone

 Fresco Beef Grillers  

 Irish Kidney Krisps *NEW*

 Irish Beef Liver  *NEW*
 100% Beef Bites

 100% Meat - Training Treats
                 - Sticks
 Beef Twists

 Air Dried Flat Beef Sticks 

 Bully Sticks  Long Term O/S

 Braided Beef Gullet 

 Puff Beef Jerky

 Ox Liver   
 TDD British Dehydrated Treat
 Dried Liver

 Ox Lung     
 TDD British Dehydrated Treat
 Ox Trachea  
 TDD British Dehydrated Treat
 Bully Tendons 

 Beef Tendons  
 Chewy Beef Cartilage  

 £1.46 each
 Bully Chewies


 Beef Head skin with Hair

 Beef Slice with Fur 35cm  *NEW*

 £4.25/2 pc
 Beef Tails  *NEW*

 Beef Tripe Sticks

 £1.70/100g  *NEW*
 Compressed TripeBone - small
                                     - medium
                                     - large
 £2.50 each 
 £3.50 each
 Fur-on Ox Ears 
 TDD British Dehydrated Treat
 £4.45/2 pk
 Fur-On Beef Ears  
 £4.15/3pk Crunchy
 Medium Cow Ears 

 £1.85 3pk
 XL Beef Ears

 £0.99 each
 Oxtail Pieces

 Plain Hooves

 59p each
 Pizzle Pieces
 - Species Unkown

 £1.74 each
 Giant Pizzles
- approx 25cm
 £3.25 each
 X Giant Pizzle 40cm   *NEW*

 £4.26 each
Long term o/s items will be marked as such, if any item is out of stock when ordered it will be listed in your invoice
All weights are approximate within +/-2.5%

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