At last we believe we have found the best answer for an alternative to
a raw diet. A Totally Complete, easy to store and make up
food. Certified Organic, made using Grass-fed, Free Range, from Fresh
 produced using green power.

 We start from 100% human-grade ingredients from certified sustainable and responsible farms and gently air-dry them under 30 °C at organic 100% green energy powered manufacturing located in Bavaria, Germany.
 By following the latest scientific research on dog’s wellbeing we calibrate recipes so that digestible carbohydrates would be eliminated to minimum.
 And yes, we do add extra healthy super-fats and super-foods, in order your dog could fight severe health problems or would get into highest performance state.
To work out for your dog:
Dogs weight (kg’s) x 6.5-7 = dry Rocketo per day
This should equate to ¼ of what a dog on 2.5% is having on Raw Diet.
Weigh out dry Rocketo, add equal amounts of hot (not boiling) water,
Leave for 15 minutes, and Feed!
1 x 400g pack is equivalent to 1.2kg fresh food
1 x 3kg pack is equivalent to 12kg fresh food

Perfect for travelling and holidays and those unable to have a raw food diet and is a food we would be very happy to feed ours if raw was not possible. We have trialled this with our dogs and it couldn’t be simpler to use, for a dog on 2.5% raw it is 6.5-7g/1kg body weight, less if older, neutered etc., add 10ml warm water/kg body weight, stir and wait 15 minutes. Ours licked their bowls clean!


Made from Fresh

Grass-fed + Free Range



400g (equivalent to 1.2kg fresh): £12.95
3kg (equivalent to 12kg fresh)+: £89.00



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