Natural Parasite Prevention & Treatment
Internal Parasites (worms)
 Four Seasons Herbal Tincture
- Gut/ Intestinal Care
 £7.50/50 mls (50 doses)
 Verm-X NaturalControl & Daily Protection
- Daily Protection of Interstinal Hygiene during Periods of Challenge
 Liquid - £18.44/250ml
 Crunchies - £16.75/325g
 Citricidal - Grapefruit seed Extract
- Natural Cleanser, Digestive Support esp when Travelling, Skin Cleanser etc
 £6.95/25ml Concentrate
 £10.55/45ml concentrate
 £19.15/100ml concentrate
 WormCount Standard Detection Kit
 £16.99 per kit
 WormCount Lungworm Detection Kit
 £18.99 per kit
Fleas & Ticks
 Billy No Mates
 - Natural Herb mix to effectively repel fleas, ticks and mites
 Herbal - £14.90/325g
 Tincture - £13.50/250ml
 Neem Shield Pet Shampoo
 £10.00/250ml Concentrate
 Neem Pest Spray kit
- incl. Organic Neem Oil, Eco-Friendly Gentle Emulsifier and Spray Bottle
 Organic Neem Salve
 Premium Neat Neem Oil
 Garlic Tablets
 Pennyroyal Shampoo   NEW!
- Contains Oil in the Shampoo where it acts to deter fleas and Mites, leaving Coat Clean & Fresh with no sticky residue, just a minty tang!
Organic Essential Oils
 Lavender 10ml
 For use with the
 Tea Tree 10ml
 Bandanas we stock to
 Peppermint 10ml
 deter fleas & ticks
 Geranium 10ml

 Citronella 10ml

 Grapefruit 10ml

 Calming 10ml
 For mood & behaviour
 De-Stressing 10ml
 For mood & behaviour


Ear Health
  Clean Ear Powder -
  (Orreset, Turmeric, Cayenne, Clove)


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