Special Offers,  or End of Line
 We know everyone loves a bargain, and here we have lots for you! Keep an eye on this page as it is regularly updated with lots of new items!
Also photo's are available of items upon request.

   Raw Meat
Ethical Chicken Breasts No longer have a limit per customer for the whole of April!!
 E/R Whole Lamb Breast
 Sp Offer!
 Sliced, 1-2kg packs
 Was £3.00/kg
 NOW £2.00/kg
 End of Line
 2 Whole Fish/Lge  Pces
 Was £3.00
 NOW £2.65
 End of Line
 Was £1.98
 NOW £1.60
 Whole Rat
 End of Line
 Was £2.25
 NOW £1.75
 Paleo Turkey & Pheasant
 End of Line
  1kg Mince
 Was £3.36
 NOW £2.95
 Paleo Lamb Chunks
 End of Line
  1kg Chunks
 Was £6.27
 NOW £5.00
 Paleo Wild Boar Chunks
 Sp Offer!
  500g Chunks
 Was £4.50
 NOW £3.75
 Paleo Camel Chunks
 Sp Offer!
  500g Chunks
 Was £4.08
 NOW £3.85
 Meaty Beef Shanks
 End of Line
 Was £3.15
 NOW £2.50
 XL Ch-filled Trachea
 End of Line
 Was £1.50
 NOW £1.20
 Veal Spine
 Sp. Offer!
 Was £4.90
 NOW £3.49
 Whole Mackerel
 Sp Offer!
 Was £2.65
 NOW £2.10
 Premium F/R Chicken
 Livers  Sp Offer!
 Was £1.40
 NOW £1.00
 E/R Pork Hearts
 Sp Offer!
 Was £1.75/kg
 NOW £1.55/kg

    Non Raw Food
 Forthglade Grain In
 Turkey (06/18)(3 left)

 Was £1.23 each
 NOW 85p each

   Supplements/Non Food
 Phytopet Tartar Control
 (BB 05.18)(6 left)
 Was £7.50
 NOW £5.50
 Betonite Clay -
 (11 left)
 Was £16.65
 NOW £9.99
 First Aid Kit for Pets
 (07/20)(1 left)
 Was £22.00
 NOW £14.99
 Pet Remedie - Destress & 
 Mini Spray (3 left)

 Wipes (12/19)(3 left)

 Atomiser (inc 1x250ml bottle)
 (08/18)(1 left)


 Was £6.00
 NOW £4.00

 Was £6.00
 NOW £4.00

 Was £40.00
 NOW £26.99
 Verm-X Dog Crunchies
 (01.05.18)(2 left)
 Was £13.73
 NOW £10.50
 Verm-X Cat Crunchies
 (01.05.18)(2 left)
 Was £5.14
 NOW £4.10
 Higher Nature Pro-Daily
 (BBE 05.18)(2 left)
 30 tabs
 Was £4.20
 NOW £3.00
 Golden Paste
 (BBE 05.18)(8 left)
 Was £1.39
 NOW £1.00
 Dorwest Milk Thistle
 (BB 06.05.18)(1 left)
 200 tabs
 Was £28.10
 NOW £20.00
 Get Over! -
 (09/05/18) (1 left)
 Natural blend for the
Nutritional Maintenance of the Musculo-Skeletal System
 Was £13.50
 NOW £2.00
 Furminator De-Shedding
 Tool(1 of each left)
 Medium (21-50lbs)

 Large (51-90lbs)

 Was £29.95
 NOW £19.99
 Was £38.00
 NOW £25.99
 Self Heating Pad
 Medium (1 left)
 Large (2 left)
 Was £15.60
 NOW £10.99
 Was £19.50
 NOW £13.99
 Large Green Beco Bowl
 (1 left) reduced due to slight
 damage at base
 Was £6.85
 NOW £4.68

 Pet Munchies for Cats
 (04/05/18)(7 left)
 Was £1.65
 NOW £1.15
 Skin & Joint Softee Strips (low stock)


 Was £1.25 
 NOW 65p
 Was £2.50 
 NOW £1.30
 Poultry Training & Reward Treats for
 Dogs & Puppies (BBE 02.05.18)(3 left)
 Was £2.99
 NOW £2.20
 Dried Flat Fish
 (1 left)
 Was £2.58
 NOW £2.10
 Small Fish Skin Flatties
 (BB 08.05.18)(7 left)
 Was £9.50
 NOW £7.50
 Salmon Twists with Seaweed
 (6 left)
 Was 3.99
 NOW £2.69
 Fish Selection
 mixture of Squid, Octopus,
 Sea Food Sticks, Prawns & more
 Loose avg 80g
 (6 left)
 Box avg 220g
 (13 left)
 Was £3.50
 NOW £2.75
 Was £6.00
 NOW £3.75
 Rolled Venison Sticks(11/18)(7 left)

 Was £5.99
 NOW £3.99
 Pork Snouts (05.18)
 tester packs
 (3 left)
 (4 left)
 (4 left)
 Was 92p NOW 70p
 Was 93p NOW 70p
 Was £1.22 NOW 90p
 Was £2.55
 NOW £2.00
 Was £4.90
 NOW £3.50
 Camel Meat Strips
 (8 left)
 Was £4.66
 NOW £3.75
 Meat Strips -
 Kangaroo (6 left)
 Rabbit (6 left)
 Wild Boar (6 left)
 Deer (6 left)
 Was £3.99
 NOW £3.25
 Puffed Beef Slices
 (6 left)
 Was £1.95
 NOW £1.30
 Turkey Feet
 (1 left)
 Was £3.49
 NOW £2.25
 Hairy Beef Skins
 (5 left)
 Was £2.45
 NOW £1.99
 Pork Liver Paste -
 (02/19) (1 left)
 Was £2.85
 NOW £2.59
 Fallow Antlers
 - End of Line
 Small (1 left)
 Mixed Pigs Ear
 - End of Line
 Deer Hide Strip
 End of Line (1 left)
 Was £4.99
 NOW £3.35
 Neem 40 Triple treat Dog
 Chews with Neem 40 bark 
 End of Line
 1 half stick
 8p each

These are all in sale in the shop as well as to our online customers, and are sold on a first come first served basis. We will try to keep this list up to date but unfortunately may not be able to update straight away if we are busy serving, so please be aware
it is possible that if you request an item it may not be available.
Any normal stock items, where the item is on offer simply to reduce our stock levels,
if delivery orders are placed whilst an item is still on offer but is removed before
the delivery run, that item price will be honored.


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