Lamb, Pork, Chicken & Turkey

O/S items are currently out of stock
Discontinued items are still in stock but will no longer be stocked once current stock has sold

 Braided Lamb Hide 
 Lamb Hide Pieces
 Lamb Hide Slices 
 Lamb Lung  
 Lamb Tails O/S
 Lamb Spaghetti 10cm 
 Lamb Spaghetti 35cm  
 Lamb Trachea  NEW!
 Lamb Pizzle Twists
 (approx 4 twists, 2 pizzles a twist)
 Lamb Lung Cubes

 Wild Boar Meat Strips
 Pork 'Sausage Rolls' Lge
   Sausage wrapped in Pork Hide
   - roughly 9"
 £1.39 each
 10" Pork Skin Rolls
   Rolled Pork Hide
 New Product in to Test - Only 1 available!!
 50cm Pork Roll
 Feedback would be appreciated on this product
 Mixed Pigs Ears
 £1.25 each
 Iberian Pigs Ears 
 £1.00 each
 Pigs Ears - XL
 £1.88 each
 Pork Snouts
 Porky Bites
 Pigs Tails   End of Line
 Was £0.80 each
 Now 60p each

 Chicken Breast  
 TurmOil Chicken & Potato Sausages  O/S
 Air-dried Chicken Feet
 Air-dried Turkey Feet 
 £3.49/2 x leg + feet
 Air-dried Turkey Wings
 £2.99/6 pack

All weights are approximate within +/-2.5%

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