Fishy Treats!

O/S items are currently out of stock
End Of Line items are still in stock but will no longer be stocked once
current stock has sold
 Items marked (TT)are either small enough, or easily made small enough to be good for training treats.

 Rattle & Reward - Cat Tin
 £1.00/28g Tin *Offer*
 Normally £2.35
 £2.50/120g bag
 Salmon & Trout Tiddlers (TT) 

 White Fish Cookies (TT)   *NEW*
 90% White Fish, 10% Potato
 Introductory Offer £2.00/200g
 Normally £2.55/200g
 Salmon Cookies (TT)
 90% Salmon, 10% Potato
 Salmon Cookie Crunch Sprinkles 

 Fish Selection   - End of Line
 mixture of Squid, Prawns, Octopus, Seafood Sticks and some have Salmon&Trout Tiddlers
 Bag (avg. 80g) - £3.50
 Box - £6.00
 Cod Fish Sticks  
 100% Salmon Sticks      

 100% Salmon Training treats

 Fish-skin Cubes (TT)   

 Little Gems (TT)

 Small Fish-Skin Flatties

 Medium Fish-Skin Flatties  

 Lge Fish Skin Flatties

 Lge Wolf-fish Skin Twists 

 Lge Cat-Fish Twirls  

 Salmon Skin with Seaweed Twists End of Line
    -Not suitable for puppys under 4 mths
 Salmon Skins   

 Dried Small Sprats 

 Dried Smelt  

 Dried Flatfish     
 End of Line
All weights are approximate within +/-2.5%*

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