First Aid Essentials
We recommend these items as invaluable parts to your pets first aid essentials

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 First Aid Kit For Pets   
 Contains:- 2x20ml Pods of Saline, 1x Medium Dressing Bandage with Ties, 1x Large Dressing Bandage with Ties, 1x Foil Blanket, 5x Gauze Swabs, 1x Microporous Tape, 1x Conforming Bandage, 2x Pairs of Vinyl Powder Gloves, 2x Plastic Bag, 4x Alcohol Free Cleansing Wipes, 1 Scissors & 1 Tweezers
 Aloe Vera Wound Spray 250ml  
 Soothing & Healing wound spray
 Colloidal Silver - 50ml spray bottle
                       - 100ml bottle
                       - 250ml bottle
                       - 500ml bottle
 Herbal Skin Balm - Minor Wounds & Skin Irritations 150g
 Used topically for Anti Bacterial/Anti Fungal, Minor Wounds, Grazes & Skin Irritations
 Aloe Lips with Jojoba 4.25g
 Great for soothing skin & using on cuts out & about
 Neem Stick 4.2g
 Great for soothing skin & using on cuts out & about
 Garlic & Fenugreek
 Herbal medicine for the symptoatic relief of minor infections, skin conditions, arthritis & coughs
 100 tabs - £9.30
 200 tabs - £16.20
 Trimmex 30g
 Stops bleeding from nails & claws, coagulates minor cuts & fast acting
 Bamboo Stick Cotton Buds
 While these were made for ear use these can be used like the blood stop swabs below, and can be used with the trimmex for a similar result
 30 S/M £3.25
 30 L/XL £3.25
 Blood Stop Petswabs (24)
 Stop Nail & Skin Bleeding - Soothes Pain on Contact, Fast Acting Formula
 Arnica Cream - Sprains & Bruising 150g
 Used topically for Bruises, Sprains, Aches & Pains after exercise
 Vetwrap Bandaging Tape 5cmx3m
 Sportwrap Bandage Tape 10cmx3m
 Easy to tear flexible bandage - support & protect
 Say Ahhh! Pill Gun
 O'Tom Tick Twister - For pets & people

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