Ethically-Sourced Raw

All food in this section is ethically sourced, free range and/or organic where possible. Grass fed meat is higher in many important nutrients and is less intensively reared. All game is wild and ethically sourced. Many abattoirs used are certified organic. All meat is both human
grade and other than the exotic meats, all are also British.
All abattoirs are checked for good practice, high standards and humane slaughter and must practise high ethical and animal welfare standards.
All Paleo Ridge products come in packaging which is Bio degradable, reducing our carbon foot print where ever possible. The 2 main
suppliers in this section are Paleo Ridge Raw, and The Dogs Butcher, other products are Free Range products from Durham Animal Feeds,
or from a local ethical abbatoir.

Supplier Key:
TDB = The Dogs Butcher
PRR = Paleo Ridge Raw
LS = Locally sourced

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