Duck, Venison & Rabbit Treats

O/S items are currently out of stock
Discontinued items are still in stock but will no longer be stocked when current stock has sold

 Duck Breast Strips

 Dried Duck Feet


 Deer Meat Strips

 Dried Deer Hide Strip End of Line

 Few Reduced click here
 Dried Venison Sausages

 £1.35/3 Lge
 Sliced Venison Sausage w/ Chopped Apple

 Veni-Dog Venison Chew Sticks

 Veni-Dog Venison & Glucosamine

 Rolled Deer Skin   NEW!   O/S


 Rabbit Meat Strips

 Puffed Rabbit Ears

 Dried Rabbit Ears 

 Fur-on Dried Rabbit Ears 

 Dried Rabbit Fur Strips 


All weights are approximate within +/-2.5%
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