Duck, Venison & Rabbit Treats

O/S items are currently out of stock

 Duck Breast Strips

 Dried Duck Feet

 Deer Meat Strips

 Dried Venison Sausages

 Sliced Venison Sausage w/ Chopped Apple NEW!

 Veni-Dog Venison Chew Sticks

 Veni-Dog Venison & Glucosamine

 Fur-On Dried Deer Ear - end of line

 £2.60 each
 Dried Deer Hide Strip - end of line

 WAS £4.99 each 
 NOW £3.35 each
 Deer Trotters - end of line

 Was  £2.99/ 2
 Now £1.99/2
 Rabbit Meat Strips

 Puffed Rabbit Ears

 Dried Rabbit Ears  

 Fur-on Dried Rabbit Ears 

 Dried Rabbit Fur Strips 

All weights are approximate within +/-2.5%
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