Advanced Small 60
 £44.23/60 caps
 Advanced Small 60
 £49.57/60 caps
 Advanced Max CBD 30
 £90.76/30 caps
 Advanced Max CBD Liquid 10ml

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 Cannabis and CBD Science for Dogs


Canna-Pet is…

  • An organic, whole-plant product, developed from the ground-up specifically for pets
  • Perfectly safe to use alongside any medications, supplements, or with any special diets
  • Cannabinoid nutrition that is Non-GMO, vegan, free of animal products, free of preservatives
  • Offering fast acting liquids and capsules suitable for any animal and treats for dogs
  • The first of its kind

What makes Canna-Pet Different?

Who can use Canna-Pet products?

We cannot possibly give as much info as Canna-pets themselves, so please do visit their website to learn more about their wonderful products and which one is most suitable for your pet.

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