Stock Clearance Items
Items we have a build-up of, not discontinued
Photo's available of items upon request

 Raw Meat:-
  VEAL MINCE - Stock Clearing

 WAS £1.10
 Now  £0.90
 WAS £15.40
 Now  £12.60
 WAS £2.80
 Now £2.52
  E/R PORK TONGUE - bags of 5-7+
  per tongue
 WAS 1.15 each
 Now 95p each
  E/R PORK HEARTS - variable size bags
  per kg
 WAS 1.98/kg
 Now 1.55/kg
 WAS £0.60
 Now £0.50
  Whole Rat      FINAL REDUCTION
 Was £2.25
 Now £1.75
 Guru- Duck, Sea Fish + Vegetables
  Cold Pressed Dog Food
 WAS £5.80
 Now £4.20
 Dried Treats:-
 Dried Catfish Heads
 WAS £2.20
 Anco Deer Hide Strips
  1 piece
 WAS £4.99
 Now £3.35
 Betonite Clay
 WAS £16.65
 Now £9.99
 Turn Back Thyme!
   Herbal Blend for the Healthy Aintenance of a
  Middle Aged or an Older Dog - dated 24.07.17
 WAS £13.50
 Now £9.50
   Herbal Supplement that can help boost the
  Natural Immune System - dated 30.06.17
 WAS £13.50
 Now £9.50

These are all in sale in the shop as well as to our online customers, and are sold on a first come first served basis. We will try to keep this list up to date but unfortunately may not be able to update straight away if we are busy serving, so please be aware it is possible if you request an item it may not be available.
Any normal stock items, where the item is on offer simply to reduce our stock levels, if delivery orders are placed whilst an item is still on offer but is removed before the delivery run, that item price will be honored.


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