Beef,Ox,Buffalo & Goat Treats

                         All Treats Air-Dried unless stated otherwise

O/S treats are currently out of stock
 100% Meat - Sticks       
                - Training Treats
 Goat Meat Strips    

 Goat Ears  *NEW*

 Beef Tripe Sticks

 Compressed Tripe Bone - small
                                    - large
 £3.30 each
 Meatlove Buffalo   *Offer*

 Was £1.25/80g
 NOW £1.00/80g
 Was £2.40/200g
 NOW £2.00/200g
 Buffalo Ears

 Throttle (10cm)

 £14.37/pack 25
 £1.50 each
 £15/pack 10

 Atomic Liver & Garlic Drops

 Air-Dried Ox Liver

 Air-Dried Beef Heart

 Beef Crunch

 Beef Crunch Powder
 Not always available,if in stock when 
 requested will add onto your order
 Beef & Garlic Sausages

 Gourmet Beef & Garlic Sausages

 Liver Sausages

 100% Meat - Sticks
                  - Training Treats
 Air Dried Flat Beef  

 Beef Twists


 Puff Beef Jerky

 Dried Liver

 Bully Chewies

 Braided Beef Gullet  

 Beef Tendons
 Beef Hide

 £2.45/100g - approx.
 Beef Headskin with Hair

 Chewy Fur-On Beef Ears  

 Crunchy Fur-On Beef Ears

 Medium Cow Ears 

 £1.85 3pk
 XL Cow Ears

 £1.30 each
 Bully Tails

 Beef Tails

 Oxtail Pieces

 Plain Hooves

 £0.59 each
 Pizzle Pieces
 - Species Unkown

 £1.50 each
 Giant Pizzles
- approx 25cm
 £3.25 each

*All weights are approximate within +/-2.5%

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